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Chuck + Kecia

We are Chuck + Kecia.  We love meeting new people and are so glad you stopped by.  Being business owners for over 30 years, we are hard workin', blue jeans and tank top wearin', down to earth people.  We love blazing new trails and re-inventing what we do and bringing our kids along for the ride. We've raised our three kids to be courageous, adventurous and to think outside of the box. Be Changed Studio is just that... a collaboration of effort from my family to yours.  Welcome home.

Farid + Lindzy

I am a sun chaser looking for ordinary moments that make time stand still. I'm a Buckeye from Columbus, Ohio. I love what I do because I am able to embrace peoples lives by creating lasting memories and emotions through pictures. I also get to work with my husband who is a videographer which is the coolest thing ever. I drink way too much coffee and enjoy way too much cream in it. I am constantly talking to strangers dogs in public...not weird at all, right? My style is simple and relaxed. I believe in natural night, unique detail, raw emotions, and capturing the true essence of an individual or event. I also believe in the hustle and risking everything to pursue a dream. Lets get coffee! 

Carter + Jamie

We are Carter + Jamie.  We are the “behind the scenes” crew for Be Changed Studio and we love having the opportunity to serve and support our wonderful parents.  Some of our favorite hobbies include: traveling, personal development and growth, watercolor painting, sand volleyball and tennis! We also have our own business outside of the studio and are forever thankful to have had parents that instilled the entrepreneurial spirit within us.  We are vision chasers that lead with gratitude and love to help others realize their potential.  And we are firm believers that for every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit! Enjoy the studio :]


Coming soon!

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